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What is the Career Fitness Center?

The Career Fitness Center is a self-paced online learning environment for professionals looking to advance in their careers. Here you’ll find a growing library of video content designed to help you maintain or improve the overall health of your career.


Who it's for

The Career Fitness Center is designed for anyone looking to perform at their career best. Whether you’re looking to move up the corporate ladder, trying to reground yourself and improve performance, or simply want to maintain a level of success you’ve become accustomed to, the Career Fitness Center gives you the training to reach peak performance.


What's inside

The Career Fitness Center offers you unlimited access to a growing library of video content ranging from instructional videos to presentations to interviews with professionals who share how they’ve found success in their own careers. Each video offers new insights on how to navigate various aspects of your career ranging from topics like promotions, to raises, or simply dealing with difficult situations.


Why it works

Having coached, trained, managed, and led CEO’s and entrepreneurs to entry level employees, Chris has uncovered common obstacles in careers success. The Career Fitness Center was designed to overcome these obstacles and help individuals reach their goals no matter where they are in their careers.

Chris' Quick Tips & Advice

What's New

These are just three examples of the content and programs that exist and are available 24/7 to CFC Members. New skills, new lessons and unique insights you can’t find anywhere else just like these are added to the Center on a weekly basis.

Gain Insights

Showcase Your Talents

Hone Your Skills

Don't Network

Learn from the Best

Greg Jennings

In-the-moment, accessible personal training
when you want it and when you need it.

My Story

Hi, My name is Chris Thibodeaux, and I’ll be your personal trainer for career success. In my years of working with people on their careers, I found a consistent barrier to personal career development…Accessibility.   Accessibility, “the quality of being easy to obtain, use, understand and appreciate.”  Historically, career development was associated with expensive Executive Coaches, time strenuous training courses, required company sponsorship and approval, and limited access to subject matter content.

I opened the Career Fitness Center because I wanted to provide an accessible, convenient, affordable, and relatable platform for career development to a wide range of people.  I didn’t want to become an Executive Coach for a small segment of people who could afford “coaching”.

I built the CFC as an affordable approach to career development that would provide in the moment, personalized training with breadth and depth on relatable business topics, issues, and ideas.  What’s most unique about the CFC, people are members of a place that was solely created to help them get their careers in shape and grow to the Next Level.  The best part of the CFC, no waiting for approvals, no trying to find time to meet with an executive coach, no budget busting barriers.  It’s Personal Career Training on your device, whenever you want it, whenever you need it, and at a price that costs less than an average cup of coffee.


I Would Love to Hear From you…

If you’d like to find out even more about all of the CFC programs and tools and/or talk to me directly about individualized fitness programs, 
training for your company, departments or teams, speaking events and group engagements, etc. you can contact me directly via e-mail by simply clicking below.

Make sure you provide your preferred e-mail so I know how to get in touch with you,
and don’t worry, we respect your privacy and will never share your info.